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Mary Beth Haglin Porn Videos, teacher: 'My student lover seduced me'

Tue, 2017-03-14 01:45
Mary Beth Haglin, from Iowa, turned herself into the police back in July, but now she insists that she was ‘swept off her feet’ by the anonymous 17-year-old male student.

Speaking to Inside Edition, the substitute teacher said:

He would come into my classroom, grab a Post-It, write something and stick it to my desk on his way out. One read, ‘I love you so much, my empress’. He would always call me ‘my empress’.

And Mary Beth fell for his way with words, having sex with the minor ‘almost every day’ at a nearby car park and sending numerous revealing selfies.

However, the teacher claims that the relationship was more than just sexual – she believes it was love.

She added:

I was completely head over heels. We met several times a week, not every time was just to have sex. There were times we would sit and talk. I thought in my mind this was some sort of real relationship. - Plus d'infos sur Mo Ti News - http://motinews.info/news/video-mary-beth-haglin-teacher-my-student-lover-seduced-me

But their lustful, and massively illegal, romance came to an abrupt end when the pair were spotted by another student and Haglin was fired and charged with sexual exploitation.

She then quickly handed herself into police and is set to be tried on November 14.

Speaking about her trial, she said:

I want to go back and smack myself and ask: ‘What were you thinking Mary Beth?’

If convicted, Mary Beth will face up to two-years in prison and will become a registered sex offender.  Clik Here to watch Mary Beth Haglin Porn Videos
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Car Logos

Mon, 2016-01-25 21:02
Symbols and elaborate images for car logos can be confusing. So many famous brands use the same animals or intricate images that may seem appealing at first but are actually so similar to each other that you can't tell one company apart from the other unless you're really an expert in the field.

How many auto brands do you know that have used a jungle cat or a horse or a hawk's wings in their trademark?

There're just too many to count.

So how can you create a design for your automobile company that is easy to remember and also sets you apart from the crowd?

Why not use your corporation name in the business mark?

How many of us confuse the Honda trademark with Hyundai's or Mini's with Bentley's?

But that won't happen if your car logos and names are the same.

Remember the Ford and BMW's business image or MG's and Nissan's? The only characteristic that makes them easier to remember is their company name in their brand mark.

Car LogosCar LogosCar LogosCar LogosCar LogosCar LogosCar LogosCar Logos

But it's not really that easy to design a trademark with the corporation name. Since the only things that can make your car brand mark appealing are the fonts and colors, you need to make sure that you use the right ones to make your logo distinct and easy to remember.

What colors to use?

When using the corporation name in trademark, the rule is very simple. Use one solid color for the text and one solid color for the background. Text in silver color with a red or a dark blue background looks appealing but you can experiment with different colors as well. You can also use white colored text on a dark green background which will make your design identifiable from afar. Don't be afraid to use bright colored background but make sure you use the text color that complements the background instead of contrasting with it.

What kind of fonts to use?

Straight and big fonts may be easier to read from a distance but the font style that looks intricate and appealing to the customers and give your design a classic look are the curvier fonts. But make sure that the text is not too curvy that it loses its readability. You can even use the Times Roman font in italic effect or use some other professional font style with curvy effect to make sure that the text is readable and rounded at the same time.

Remember the ford logo? It may just be white text on a red background, but it's the curvy font style that sets it apart from the rest. Remember the Ford business mark or the smart car logo?

What shapes to use?

The vehicle business image has to be enclosed in a shape, of course. The shape that is most commonly used is a circle. You can use an oval, a loose square or even the superman diamond shape to enclose your design. But make sure that your chosen shape does not have too many sides that make the mark complicated.

The whole idea of a car corporation mark is to make it easily memorable and recognizable along with making it a classic. Using the above mentioned ideas can certainly do that for your trademark.

Beverly Houston works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on car logos and names find her competitive rates at Logo Design Consultant.
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Apple Logo

Wed, 2015-10-21 08:00
As simple as it is the story about the Apple Logo inspiration is quite true because there are very many people who have done research on the same and ended up with this result. This actually triggered some emotions from a number of people who said that the story was quite touching and they would have never thought of it in that way. There are still a few people however who still believe that it is a myth. This is probably because there are very many theories that have been made up on the topic.

Apple is arguably one of the best mobile phone brands that are found in the market today. The company is always rolling out new versions of the phone which come with better specs so that they can fit in the ever changing technology world. There are numerous versions that people have come up with as to the origin of the Logo inspiration. Below however you will find the real story behind it to know how it really came about.

Apple LogoApple LogoApple LogoApple LogoApple LogoApple Logo

A gentleman by the name John Kates claimed that the Apple Logo found on the back of the Mac or iPhone was done as a tribute to another gentleman who was known as Alan Turing. Turing was the made who laid the foundations that are used for modern day computers. He pioneered research into artificial intelligence and also unlocked the codes used for German wartime. He died ten years after the war had ended and provided the links with the brand. Facing jail being charged with indecency, unrecognized for his great work and humiliated by the estrogen injections he was given in a bid to "cure" his sexuality are some of the frustrations that made him bit into an apple that had been laced with cyanide.

Alan Turing dies on 7th June 1954 in obscurity exactly ten years and a day after Normady landings. These made copious use of the intelligence that has been gleaned by his methods. Before iOS7 was introduced to the market the story goes on about how two entrepreneurs in Stanford were searching for a logo that would be used for their new computer company. After some time they remembered the contribution that Turing had made to the industry and thus decided to work with an Apple. This was not a full one but one that had been bitten.

Some of the theories that have been advanced in regards to apple is that the founders used the theme of the first people (Adam and Eve) when eve bit the apple. Others refer to the fruit as the one that helped Sir Isaac Newton to develop the concept of gravity. Supporters of the latter believe that the logo was first known as the Newton before it changed its name. This can however be challenged because it happened more than ten years after the logo had already been created. The developer however does away with the two theories and tends to agree with the Turing version and says that it is an incredible urban legend.
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